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looking for work
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i am looking for a new job in portsmouth and london, although my wish is to work in the USA in florida or texas or any where hot all year round, its a dream but ,may be one day i will get my dream, i mean miracles do happen! any way any one here want to me offer me a job let me know, i have medical porter experiance with the Royal navy, i have bar manager experiance also. i have training as a fire liaison officer, and first aider!
can any one offer me work!

sex for cash
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I am in debt then again who is not, i used to work for the royal navy but they closed our base down and now i am broke. i love getting fucked, i love to fuck, i am single and can accomodate. i live in portsmouth uk and i need to get fucked and want to fuck, no strings, when i am getting fucked i like getting it deep and hard, want to come and play with my ass or cock. i need to earn extra money to pay debts, but if you can not pay, no problem just come and fuck me hard!

fuck me hard
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I live in Portsmouth In the UK. i was once with the navy at haslar, but lost my job due to the closure of the base, i find myself in debt and short of cash, is it wrong to try and sell myself. i love to get fucked hard, i am missing a few teath and that makes me look horrid. and its been ages since i had sex, i love fucking, getting fucked, sucking, rimming, but what i need most is to get my ass fucked, and some one to film it and put it on here. if you are interested please let me know.